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Säljes: Bmw e12 ls turbo, low 5 sec dragcar
Bmw e12 525
Year 1980
5,3 ls turbo engine
1200 bhp++
Reached my goal of building a low 5 sec bmw full body car.
8.5 cage, tagged in 2022
Time to move on to street week events instead.
So due to the time consuming traveling , every time i want to use the car properly, its time to let it go
All informationa lot of pictures, can be seen here: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid743618377556728&id100057257177274
1/8 mile best ET: 1,31 60 ft 5.36 sec213 km/t ( dragy said 1,29 60 ft 5,31 sec212.95 km/t)
1/4 mile best ET: 1,34 60 ft 8,67253 km/t (let of before the 60 ft due to tireshake, so can be improved a lot, low 8 high 7 within reach.
Price is in DKK,
car is located in north Denmark 40 km from the ferry from Göteborg
200000 dkk including a lot of new sparepartsthe casting mould for the front bonnet
call for more information 0045 52247074ebay1977@godmail.dk
Camaro, Novael camino from 68-74 can be considered as a trade initiativ
DKK. 200 000:-
Lågsus Racing  (Jerslev) 
- Telefonnummer: 52247074
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Skapad: 2023-09-19 12:20:48 av Lågsus Racing

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