Welcome to this American page
28  Solbergavägen       Åkers Styckebruk   647 52
PH. 011 - 46 159 - 13370          e-mail  persaker@nitroz.se 
OPEN Monday - Friday  10 am - 6 pm
Saturdays 10 am - 2 pm,   only February - May           Wednesdays  til 8 pm,   only June-August

New employers 2019.        Peter Holm    Helen Nordbäck
The Monica Öberg Racing TOP FUEL car, I did drive 2018.  Tierp Arena June 8-10 2018  +  Aug. 24-26 2018.
The Black car FL         Chevy Camaro SS  2017   455 HP  8-speed Conv.   Fall  2016      The Red car CA - NV.


My rental Camaro SS Conv 2015.    Red in Florida.       Yellow in California - Nevada. 
Jöran Persåker, President.                                The Speed Shop - Welcome.
We stock more than 20,000 partnumbers.  The Store is 1800 sq. meters  (  19,375 sq feet )
We stock American made brands like: Accel, Allstar,  AED, Aeromotive,  ARP,  Autometer,  B&M,  BDS,  Catco, 
Centerforce, Competition Cams, Computech,  DakotaDigital, DEI,  Deist,  Eagle,  Edelbrock,  Energy Suspension,  Fel Pro, 
Griffin,  Hawk,  Hedman,  Hilborn,  Holley,  Hooker,  Hurst,  Intercomp,  Joe Gibbs Driven,  K&N,
Longacre,  McLeod,  Manley,  Manton,  Michigan 77,  Milodon,  Mopar Perf,  Moroso,  MrGasket,  MSD, 
NOS,  PAC,  Pioneer,  Professional Products,  PRW,  RCD,  Remflex,  Richmond,  RJS,  RPC,
Simpson,  TCI,  Total Seal,  TransDapt,  Weiand, XRP and more.  
My Corvette 2014  December 2014  Hollywood Florida.  ET at PBIR  12,28  118,67 mph     1/8  8,09  91,06 mph. 
The SEMA Edition 2013   Ford Mustang GT 2014                              My Dodge Challenger California November 2014
Rental Car  Hertz-Penske-Persaker  !!!   
ET  1/8 mile 8,28  87,7 mph Irwindale CA.
We did move October 1  2004 to our new location in Åkers Styckebruk.  Åkers Styckebruk are located 2 miles
from E-20 between  Södertälje and Strängnäs.  We was in central Stockholm 1983 - 2004.
We start the Tobak Shop  at Götgatan  101 in central Stockholm  June  1 1983.
We start the Speed Shop at Bohusgatan 25 in central Stockholm  February  4 1985.
Murf Mc Kinney  (McKinney Race Cars)      Tim Hyatt (Hyatt Racing Service)      Arnold Kuhns (SFI),  @ SFI inspection 2014
The SFI 2014 inspection was here March  8-9  2014.  
       I did racing  Top Fuel in the FIA  2004                          2005                                        2006                                   
      2007                                                                     2008                                                            2009
   2010                                                                               Jöran Persåker Sweden did run Barry Patons Top Fuel Dragster at the
                                                                                           NHRA in Pomona November 11-14  2010.  TF # 801   ET 4,00
and now a come back in TOP FUEL 2018.   The Monica Öberg Racing TOP FUEL car, I did drive 2018.  Tierp Arena 2018.
       I did run this Trans Am 1998-2013   FIA Pro Mod          Tierp Arena 2013
FIA Pro Mod   at  Tierp Arena   Chevy S-10 2005  Twin Turbo  HEMI   2014-2017
SEMA edition  2008                                                                      SEMA edition 2009
              Rental Car:  Corvette ZHZ  LS3  6,2 L  436 HP    12,507 @ PBIR 2009
PRI edition  2008                                                                      PRI edition 2009 
YES!   I was there, I did it, at the NHRA-Finals in Pomona 2010.   ET  4,00
From 1978 I did drive Stock, a lot of ilegal street racing, Super Stock, Competition,
Super Comp, Pro Stock, Pro Mod, Top Fuel.
         I did visit the PRI 2010                                           PRI December 1-3  2011                             PRI  2012 Nov. 29 - Dec.1
Today I have an address i the USA.  18375 Wayne Ave   Port Charlotte   33948 Florida.   I will be there in Wintertime  SnowBird.
My address for shipping.
My HELLCAT at Orange County Convention Center  Nov. 22  2017,  PRI in the old good days.